Papadum Express

Lead DesignerKayo & Kersi Kadva
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Our project team consists of two food loving Product Developers & Inventing brothers Kayo & Kersi Kadva, who had that 'Eureka moment'! From the point of inception, we knew the idea and intention was multifaceted and as a world first; we wanted to make a good first impression, which lasted for years to come, so like all great products of the world, we made it Strong, Durable and Beautiful!

Creating a world standard product was an important statement. An international icon in the making.

Why did we create the Papadum Express microwave tray? The main reason was our love of Papadums! The whole project arose from a needs perspective. No matter what curry rice meal we dished-up, we always wanted Papadums to accompany and realized others just like us, would like quick and healthy Papadums, without the oily cooking and clean-up hassles. Thus, the journey to create a Papadum microwave tray began and to unknot this conundrum, we invented the Papadum Express!

The design focus was to allow cooking of multiple Papadums without much effort, plus eloquent enough to serve the cooked Papadums straight onto the table, further saving time and adding to its overall appeal. No oil, No heating, No washing, No wasted time! Just authentic Indian Papadums in 60 seconds! Cook your guilt free Papadums forever...

Cut down on wasted time and energies used conventionally to make 10 papadums. It's far more than 60 seconds in a microwave! Not forgetting the water needed to clean-up all the messy pans and oils after. Build quality of the Papadum Express. An exponential rate in savings and sustainability we made it strong, durable and beautiful. World Class, you'll see!


Project Creators: Kadva Korp.
Inventors: Kayo & Kersi Kadva