Floating of Fantasy Oasis

CompanyAS Design Service Limited
ClientSam Sum
DesignerFour Lau (Creative Director) & Sam Sum (Art Director)
Entry Description

"Oasis" is often regarded as spring stream flow with fertile soil in wasteland; it is described as the best living environment of mankind by the people in the desert areas. It is in a small scale, but capable and self-sufficient with a considerable size of the food chain, and constituted to a vibrant landscape. Designers described the residence unit is "Oasis" in high-density concrete jungle. The design emphasizes on the luxurious elements to bring out the natural landscape, changing the landscape to its core, expect people to inject natural greenery from the luxurious elements in order to maintain freshness; it is more beautiful and refined compared to most luxury residential that only pursuit of a rich picture. Designers then fantasize "Oasis" with "floating" feeling, the unit immediately becomes a luxury cruise suite and filled the requirements of the soul, and also changes the visual scenery.

About Designer

AS Founder Four Lau & Sam Sum: AS represent aesthetic & stylish - “an aesthetic team created stylish design works” With vast imagination, great market sense and determination to work together and achieve results with clients, AS design has grown into one of the most anticipated upcoming design firms in Hong Kong. AS design and its team are expertises in providing professional and comprehensive design services to international brand labels in Hong Kong & Mainland China as well as south pacific region. Our strength lies in images renovation for business and corporate, with an aim to assisting brands to stand out and become globally renowned. By providing an appropriate yet high end image to our target clients, our creative sense will certainly help bring our client’s business to a next level.