Light, into the scenery

Lead DesignerFrankie Yu
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Through the elimination of the walls, the architecture is devolved into the environment and presents a primitive look. The characteristics of the materials interplay with the natural scenes and rekindle a respect to the nature. The project breaks through the traditional limits and comes alive with a dynamism that possesses growth potential and implies an organic lifestyle.

Lights traverse through linear structures and planes, releasing vitality after being filtered and infiltrated. The lights create a structural dialogue with pillars and expose a yearning for the Nature and an interaction with the time. The design leads to a sense of openness and imagination which eliminate closed lines.

The vertical and horizontal axes were interfaced to form physical and virtual spaces which deliver a sense of splendor and make the living space comfortable and harmonious with the natural environment.

The functionality of the architecture was understated and expressed in an implied way. The design keeps the thinking of extension and the uniqueness of the standing structure which emphasizes on co-existence with the Nature, comfortable living and breaks through the confrontation ideology of neighboring building elements.