One Shenzhen Bay T3 Show Flat

CompanyHirsch Bedner And Associates Limited
ClientFederico Masin
DesignerFederico Masin
Entry Description

These 2 elements, location and user’s profile were the inspiration of both client’s briefing and interior design of the apartments. The apartments are immediately noticeable thanks to the very modern language of it’s architecture, designed by Foster and partners and the great setting, featuring broad views over the blue waters of the Shenzen bay, which translates in stunning open views and a sense of freedom, an experience comparable with flying or sailing in open oceans. HBA team proposed then a design that was simultaneously referring to the experience of sailing and flying – by taking inspiration from private jets and yachts design- and addressing the desire of the new affluent demographic group to surround themselves in a luxurious environment. The color and material palette reflects this thought process: light and fresh colors and high contrasts dominate the composition, with carbon fiber trimmings at ceilings and main terminations, hinting at a performance oriented design; but at the same time, finely decorated fabrics and wallpapers complete the space with sophisticated and delicate decorative layers. The planning attitude was similarly thought to suit a modern lifestyle, maximizing openness and a sense of flow. This is particularly perceivable in the design of the extensive en-suite bathrooms, closely connected to the bedrooms trough walk in wardrobes so to enhance a sense of openness and seamless flow. At the communal spaces, open kitchens, bar and 3 different lounges, each with a different character, complete the composition, again, offering a space that is simultaneously comfortable and function specific but remains open letting natural light and air flood the space and ultimately proving the success of this project: a unique synthesis between opposite forces: the freedom of emptiness and the luxury of opulence.