Natural flowing

DesignerRyan Kuo
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Entry Description

Natural and unfettered, just like flowing clouds, flowing water. Under the considering of the function and demand conditions, we us curving stainless steel to provide the space practicality and visual continuity, and to reflect the smooth flow of the open space. The white wood lines ceiling is like the sky wings flying.

About Designer

Eco Natural X Contemporary Art X Humanities Fashion Design focused on the overlap between "sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell" ─the five senses of life. Ryan Kuo’s designs have won many international awards such as the Andrew Martin International Interior Design Award; Golden Award from France IDS•La Créativité Pierre International Green Space Category; Golden Award from US IDA International Design Awards of INTERIOR DESIGN-RESIDENTIAL (the first designer from Taiwan to win this prize); the Germery IF Design Award; The American Architecture Prize Winner;The Itality A’ Design Award.