Siemens BSCE reception

DesignerArthur Chan
Entry Description

1. Siemens Beijing BSCE Office involve in fire services and security product manufacture and production. The briefing for the reception is to realize Siemens corporate image and branding, at the same time, the significant achievement in technology advancement should be well addressed. 2 new areas are designed to highlight Siemens image and significance. The first one is the Siemens History Wall. It is designed in curved shape to direct people to the lift lobby nearby. Different sizes of niches are intricately punctuated into the wall for display of Siemens product starting from 1851. Black and white photos are carefully selected to foster an image of historical value. Image and text is design on the different plane so that a depth of space is provided. Light trough is designed along the curve wall to give a celebrated feeling. The whole design would turn this area into a small boutique museum which stimulates every visitor to trace back the Siemens historical significance. Opposite to the history wall is the development wall which is the display of the major events and breakthrough in the past few decades and the projected development in the next few decades. The whole design foster a modern and yet forward looking image by designing a white boxes along the wall. All display are shown in text and photos in different plane and projection in order to create a three dimensional viewing method. It invite visitor to go through the display content in different angle, sometimes is in front of the wall, and sometimes is at the side of the display wall. Light trough is designed in each box to create a wash down effect.

About Designer

DPWT Design Ltd aims to explore new possibilities in different design realm, including Architecture, Interior, and Product design and blending the different domains in a synchronizing state. It has been manifesting design realization in architecture and interior projects in a thoughtful process and balances the aesthetic and functional values. Each project is being treated as an individual expression of some hidden human sensitivities /perception. DPWT Design Director-Arthur studied architecture in University of Hong Kong and received his Master of Environmental and Sustainable Design in Chinese University of Hong Kong and Master of Fine Arts in RMIT University. His works is widely published in London, Italy, Australia, and throughout Asia in Singapore, Malaysia, mainland China and Hong Kong. He was invited to feature his works in 1000 architects in Australia. He engages in different overseas and local exhibitions and currently a Doctor of Fine Art candidate in RMIT University. DPWT has office in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai.