BOCC Office

Lead DesignerArthur Chan
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

BOCC office is located at the western suburban area of Beijing. The office occupies 2 separate buildings. Each building has 2 floors. Building at the eastern side is mainly for the call centre, operational office and back up office with IT rooms. The western block is the main reception with managerial office, gym, conference rooms. The design well articulates the functional requirement by allocating the spatial planning in a logical way.

A modern style design language is injected into this project. For office area, charcoal palate carpet with linear pattern is selected to provide a neat and yet modern ambience. Different green color is applied on the column to bring out a fresh touch to the people here. Color is always an important element in the backbone of the design. The logo of BOCC is composed of 5 basic color and these colors are highlighted in different areas like office, public corridor and lobby. The main staircase where most of the people will pass by is an important area to showcase such concept and design. The 5 logo colors are manifested as lighting strips and installed on the both side of the wall along the main staircase. The pattern not only illustrates a directional indication, it also light up the public space by connecting both lower and upper floors. Monochrome spray paint is applied at the external wall, it make a good contract with the logo which is composed with 5 colors. The curvy form of the logo stands out sharply with the linear pattern of the external facade. The open office is a neat and tidy design. Maple workstation table top is selected with the base and cabinet all in white. Various green palettes are applied on the columns to have a relaxing and lively ambience.


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DPWT Design Director-Arthur studied architecture in University of Hong Kong and received his Master of Environmental and Sustainable Design in Chinese University of Hong Kong and Master of Fine Arts in RMIT University. His works is widely published in London, Italy, Australia, and throughout Asia in Singapore, Malaysia, mainland China and Hong Kong. He was invited to feature his works in 1000 architects in Australia. He engages in different overseas and local exhibitions and currently a Doctor of Fine Art candidate in RMIT University.
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