Wood color

DesignerRyan Kuo
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Entry Description

Wood color | Axis of space links to home happiness. In the pure wood color, it has an unfettered relaxed atmosphere of its own. Spatial configuration is applying 1 +1 +1 = 1 Space concept. The flow is extending and coherent in one. From an open and extending angle, vertical and horizontal axis, the ratio of solid and empty, light and heavy construct a comfortable and open design. Completely open floor plan design, using glass, light, wood, iron, leads light connects to space. It creates a community of space and the natural flow of life.

About Designer

Eco Natural X Contemporary Art X Humanities Fashion Design focused on the overlap between "sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell" ─the five senses of life. Ryan Kuo’s designs have won many international awards such as the Andrew Martin International Interior Design Award; Golden Award from France IDS•La Créativité Pierre International Green Space Category; Golden Award from US IDA International Design Awards of INTERIOR DESIGN-RESIDENTIAL (the first designer from Taiwan to win this prize); the Germery IF Design Award; The American Architecture Prize Winner;The Itality A’ Design Award.