Bank of China (Hong Kong)’s New Concept Branch

CompanyOne Space Limited
Lead Designer
ClientPearce Gregory
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Bank of China HK engaged One Space to help rejuvenate
their retail banking offering. We developed not only a
refreshed brand identity, but also re-engineered a wholly
new customer service model that brings together staff and
customers in a more open, friendly and accessible manner.
This prototype branch includes three floors of banking,
which we completed in 2013, and a major multi-storey
façade re-design, currently under development
Faced with an increasingly competitive market environment,
BOC briefed us to achieve a step-change in visibility,
leveraging their already expansive branch numbers towards
greater streetscape impact and brand recognition.
The interiors are spacious, well-illuminated, flexible and
welcoming. The street-facing Ground Floor entrance hall
can accommodate exhibitions, financial planning seminars
or community events, alongside 24-hour banking. A
dramatic, sculptural staircase links the street level entrance
hall to the banking halls above. On Level 1, tellers are
positioned in a more cordial relationship to customers, and
privacy-screened customer service desks facilitate more
confidential interactions.
At the Level 2 Wealth Management Centre, we created a
wholly different service model that better engages the
Relationship Managers and customers in a more relaxed
setting. Behind a sweeping curve of glass, finely crafted
private rooms encourage more open dialogue and foster
Our 3-dimensional facade concept – inspired by the
enduring symbolism of bamboo in ancient and modern
Chinese arts and literature – delivers a refreshed expression
of the trusted BOC brand that is instantly recognisable,
highly visible and memorable.