POISE vanity table

DesignerAna Tevsic -Love, Ana design studio
Entry Description

POISE vanity table and chair are inspired by women. Irregular reflections formed by these multiple mirrors act as reminders to accept our differences. Everything that makes us unique is made up of our idiosyncrasies which we compose into a perfection. The reflections of this table remind us to nurture the traits through which we distinguish ourselves. The aim was to break the need for the perfect self image, and to emphasise the rediscovery of ourselves in mirrors. Like the child that learns to see itself in its reflection, these divided reflective surfaces tend to force us to imitate that movement in order to see ourselves. The aim is to make women drop the expectations of others and to return to a confidence of their own design.

About Designer

Ana Tevšić is a 28-years old independent product designer living and working in Zagreb. She started working straight after college in 2010, and attended her first big exhibition in 2011. After London, Ana's products were exhibited in Berlin, Milan, Belgrade, Tokyo and Copenhagen. Ana received an EDIDA nomination as "Best Young Talent" in 2012. She soon formed her studio and designer over 70 different custom products. In March of 2014, her '-Love, Ana' studio opened its first unconventional store. Her products were listed as "Best Buy" by Elle Decoration, "Best New Products" by IDFX, and "New Product" by Damn magazine. '-Love, Ana' studio joined several international stores and distributors and is shipping her products worldwide.