Heavenly Creation

Lead DesignerHao He
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Heavenly Creation was a Chinese encyclopedia compiled by Song Yingxing. It was published in May 1637 which is covering a wide range of technical issues. We tried to develop it into an app which can provide a fun, interactive and easy reading experience. Target audiences are young people who are interested in Chinese ancient history but can not read traditional Chinese.

Reading ancient book is a challenge for ordinary people nowadays. We tried to develop it into a app which can provide a fun, interactive and easy reading experience. After quite a lot interviews, we understood how did they use it and the interaction they wanted in an Ebook. Also we studied how visual matters and little animations can draw people's attention and what impact they can create. How visual factors can navigate user to go thought the whole chapters. All researches helped us to create beautiful visual images and characters to draw user's attention and we developed interesting interactive functions to ask users to explore. Those works created a fun, interactive and meaningful learning experience for our target audience.

The App and description can be downloaded: