Caribbean Cultural Center

Lead DesignerTara Headley
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Prize(s)1st Place in Interior Design / Commercial
Entry Description

Capturing the feeling of West Indian culture through celebrating characteristics that make life in the English speaking Caribbean unique. The interior palette is inspired by carnival costumes, bright lights and colors, and the space uses the movements of dance to dictate design elements.

The United States is home to 3.5 million immigrants from the Caribbean. This center is a place where they can come together and reconnect with their heritage. The facility exists to celebrate and appreciate Caribbean art, food, products, music and dance.
Visitors will see indigenous art, acquire a taste for local cuisine, interact with people who share common ancestry and be completely immersed in a Caribbean environment.

The reception area serves to help visitors transition to a Caribbean experience. The colors, shapes and atmosphere pay homage to a carnival.

Ites(red), gold and green are the colors of the Rastafarian flag and they are arguably the most recognizable color combination in the Caribbean. Each color in the retail area represents a different zone with a specific type of product or function.

The element of dance was studied as the main concept for the art gallery. Using the lines of dancers in motion, a parti was developed that depicted the sweeping curves of twirls and twists. From the parti, design elements in the project emulated these curves, forming arches overhead. The gallery space was purposely left a stark white, to further enhance the experience of viewing the extremely colorful art.

The food court's main influence was vernacular architecture of the Caribbean. There is a distinct building style that can be found on all the islands. Peaked roofs and jalousie windows and doors were referenced in the food stalls shape and the decorative doors on the wall.


Tara Headley moved to Savannah, Georgia from the island of Barbados where she grew up, to
attend the Savannah College of Art and Design in pursuit of her bachelor’s degree in interior
design. She has always been an extremely dedicated and focused on excelling in her career.
Since graduating with her first degree, she has moved on to Atlanta where she obtained a
masters in interior design, and is currently working at Hendrick, specializing in corporate design.