Therapy Cafe

Lead Designer
Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Commercial
Entry Description

Stress. The cause of many harmful symptoms. Higher than average stress levels can increase the risks of mental and physical illnesses. However, people are usually not aware, or forget this fact. The most dangerous attitude towards stress is ignorance. This is true for the millennial age group who are coming of age as members of society and looking for resources to assist them in managing their stress in a proper and helpful way.

Therapy Cafe is a place where college students are invited to release their stress in a casual, effective, and unique environment. The calm, moderate, and energetic spaces provided in Therapy Café stimulate the five senses in order to eliminate stress from the body and mind.

Humans are born with an ability to sense through sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. It is a given gift that we can use these senses to communicate to the soul. The concept for Therapy Cafe encourages an awakening of the
senses and cure for the soul by looking in, looking out, and looking around.