Disaster Relief

DesignerProfessor Sheila Edwards
Prize2nd Place in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
Entry Description

I believe that the ultimate design goal of all is to support the community and protect the environment. Each year, there are many disasters taking place; most of them are unpredictable and detrimental to the society and individual life. Born and raised in Vietnam, I have always hoped to contribute to my beloved hometown. With this project, what I offer is not a new piece of furniture but a solution to the annual flood in the Central Northern Vietnam. As a natural disaster relief design, Hi Vong – Hope in Vietnamese – serves as a quick response to the disaster and long-term support for the victims during and after the recovery phase. The modular stool is designed to be low cost, easy to manufacture and assemble, portable, transformable, and sustainable. The material selections take advantage of local resources: Dendrocalamus Barbatus bamboo and Inox 304. The design process covers a wide range of research related to the specific situation: disaster relief phases, flood safety checklist, local people’s reactions at the moment the disaster struck and during the crisis, household survey results, damages caused by flood to households, recovery process, methods of distributing the relief items, local material selections, related projects and price validation. The project will bridge the humanitarian and aesthetic aspect of furniture design.