Fishing in the dark

Lead DesignerDawn Bey
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Fishing in the dark takes a look at designing menswear for the blind. By researching into the lifestyle and difficulties of blind people when it comes to clothes, the collection aims at integrating the sense of touch and a few user-friendly features for the less abled.

Fishing, the popular recreational activity, has been incorporated into the collection to challenge the mindset of consumers into the limitations of the blind. In fact, there is a well known blind fisherman by the name of Lawrence Gunther. Despite the lack of sight, blind people do things sighted people do.

To make this collection unique to them, their language of braille has been incorporated to them through textiles in order for them to uniquely understand and feel fashion for once. It is found on the sleeves, on the jacket front and back and punched as holes into the suede pockets of the pants. It says 'I am not blind', simply because Helen Keller once said 'It is worst than being blind is having sight but no vision.'