Insignia Strength

DesignerSteven Ward
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

WHAT IS SELECTORIZED STRENGTH? Weight machines with a defined path of motion that use a weight stack. WHY SELECTORIZED STRENGTH? The major benefit is exercise efficiency. Each repetition is uniformly challenged from start to finish thereby rendering one set of 8-12 reps a highly effective workout. A user can target specific muscle groups that are almost impossible to isolate using free-weights. Selectorized machines provide an advanced exercise for seasoned users and the short learning curve makes them ideal for new users as well. KEY FEATURES: • INVITING AESTHETICS o The weight stack tower is the primary visual element. The tower, seat pads, pulley covers, adjustment knobs, grips, and instructional placards help create a unifying aesthetic across the 21 machines in the series. o Optional wood finishes create a warm and inviting aesthetic that is unique to strength equipment. o Other finish options include stainless steel, a variety of graphic patterns, or plain, tinted translucent shrouds. Customers have a choice of fifteen frame colors and thirty upholstery colors with a contrasting double stitch. This variety gives the customer the ability to choose combinations that match the décor of their facility and helps create the desired mood of the space. • ERGONOMIC GRIPS o Fits naturally in the hand and is optimized for efficient pushing and pulling movements. o Grip length provides multiple locations for users of all sizes to find a comfortable position. o Molded-in lines assist with consistent, repeatable hand placement. • HIGHLIGHTED ADJUSTMENT POINTS o Adjustment knobs are a bright orange color to assist user in identifying adjustable components (seat position, weight resistance, support pads, etc.) and overmolded rubber provides a soft, tactile feel. • STORAGE TRAY o Integrated, rubberized tray provides a secure place for water bottle, phone, etc. • REP COUNTER/TIMER o Digital display counts user reps and overall time on the machine.