The Austine Place Show Home

DesignerIvan Wong
Entry Description

About The Austine Place Show Home In early 2014, In-between Design Office was commissioned by Hanison Construction Holdings Limited to design an on-site show home at their new residential building, the Austine Place, in Jordan, Kowloon. The client brief of this show flat project is simple but strong - “White Modern London”. Located at one of the most convenient site in Kowloon where going to the airport is within half an hour from the city, the Austine Place attracts frequent travelers as its potential owners who spent equivalent amount of time living in hotels around than world than in Hong Kong. Therefore, a sense of home becomes a key philosophy when designing this space. Two fictional owners has been created – a young couple returned from London, a banker husband with a fashion designer wife, and a story about “when East meets West”. Both of them are frequent travelers who like to collect art pieces around the world. Their home is a composition of natural wood and metal in a warm white space, which creates a calm and timeless basis. Artwork display, feature wall in major living space together with selected designer pieces like lighting fixture enrich the ambience of tranquility in white. One of the major design element is a pearl ‘jewelry box’ feature that extends from the living space to the master bedroom within the two bedroom suite. Integrated metal shelving along this feature allows the owners to display their collectables (memories of their travel) and contrasts to the white wall panels at the opposite side which act as background for the paintings and stand alone sculptures. In the living space, we have a fireplace as the focal point, believing this could bring family and their friends together and closer during the winter time.