Facellia 95

CompanyROLF - Roland Wolf GmbH
ClientROLF Spectacles
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Entry Description

The “Facellia 95” in robinie steamed out of the new “evolved collection” stands out with its distinctive sophisticated and classy design. The frame resembles the French sports car also referred to as “la petite princesse”, both a pure statement of luxury with attention to detail. The elegant dark exterior of the frame reveals the light wooden interior at the core, the delicate nose pads lending a touch of glamour. The “evolved collection” is the latest addition to the handmade, lightweight natural eyewear produced in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, originating from five years of eyewear design, research and development at the highest level. At this innovative, deeply-rooted company the goal is clear, setting new trends and staying true to one’s roots and principles. With five years of development and know how producing finest natural eyewear for the premium market, the “evolved collection” combines design excellence, finest materials and high-quality processing in the accustomed manner of craftsmanship. The “evolved collection” further highlights the clean-cut and three-dimensional design, displaying the different types of wood. The designs are elegant and sophisticated, the frames superlight and a delight to wear.

About Designer

ROLF‘s high-quality, extremely light wood, stone and horn eyewear are handmade. A main focus of the company is to set design trends and realize new ideas. The in-house research and development department invented a new type of wooden eyeglasses and a special glazing system for rigid materials. ROLF glasses come without screws and metal, are maintenance-free and are ideally suited for allergy sufferers. Since 2009, ROLF Spectacles has been a pioneer in creating natural eyewear. ROLF invented the flexible FLEXLOCK hinge technology in 2017 and was awarded with the Silmo d’Or award.