FlexStrider - a variable stride trainer

Lead DesignerSteve Ward
Prize(s)3rd Place in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Exercise Equipment
Entry Description

The FlexStrider™ variable-stride cross trainer is designed for commercial gyms and health clubs. This category of cross-trainers allow for changing stride length on-the-fly and choosing a workout that feels natural. The smooth motion of the FlexStrider™ makes it easy to use for a total body workout. Research and development of FlexStrider™ machine was able to capture natural movements of running and walking with very low impact. True body movements were integrated into design through bio-mechanical studies allowing up to a 36” stride.
The Console combines a digital lifestyle with a workout experience. The touch screen console redefines the workout experience with advanced computer technologies. The screen features entertainment, interaction and internal facility connectivity. Facilities manage assets, customize and entertain through internet and channel editing. By personalizing, exercisers access workouts, workout tracking, and socializing.
Design attributes include patented swinging mechanical arms that provide optimal functionality. Design pushed manufacturing, requiring machinery to combine both simple and complex tube bending on parts.
FlexStrider™ features:
• Metal finishes and plastics protect against cleaning, sweat deterioration of parts, lowering maintenance costs.
• Biomechanics were integral in creating an elliptical path mimicking natural motion of body.
• Console has internet connectivity, product personalization, interactive workout courses, video watching, and smartphone integration.
• Pedals allow adjusting foot positions. Close spacing between pedals for minimal hip shifting, reducing lower back stress.
• User interface includes a low pedal step-up height for optimum (ingress and egress) and easy start up motion.
• Grip design with enhanced soft urethane geometry allows users to position hands into three general workout positions.
• Control button for resistance on grip to adjust intensity without disrupting workout.
• Energy tracking software displays levels, factoring RPM’s, resistance and stride length.
• Heart rate monitoring utilizing sensors on hand grips.
• Workouts adjust resistance to keep target heart rate. Workouts set personal goals on machine.