DusitD2 Constance Hotel

DesignerJoey Ho
Entry Description

Situated in a historical building in Pasadena, this upscale boutique hotel differs itself with vivid, divine design set in a delightful environment that balances modern elegance with senses of warm and graciousness. Inspired by Rose Parade, the brief is to nurture the voice of historical and contemporary contexts while conveying a sense of joy, festivity, and closure. By adding an organic accent, layers of history are to be unravelled and enjoyed in this historically rich building fabric. Deliberately dividing the space into three layers of contour landscape namely the lobby, bar and restaurant, the design playfully forges new synergies between the old and new to evoke a sense of intimacy by linking guests’ activities as one unity in hotel. Upon entrance, guests are greeted to an elongated contour landscape extending beyond reception to bar and restaurant. The reception is an open space combining check-in function with a bar concept as a “high-energy and high-activity”, shifting traditional, passive check-in activity to a casual experience with a welcoming and delight ambience. Extending to the bar is the streamlined décor materials that are textural interpretations of landscape imagery sets in an ultrachic, sleek but cool ambience. The vibrant lightings infused with modern aesthetic appearing to float above ceiling with environment greeted by a “stylish” blue palette inspired by natural pond features. The restaurant conveys a sense of occasion with design aims to restore the atmosphere of classic elegance befitting the building’s historically rich contexts while bringing guests a causal, comfortable and interactive dining experience. In contrast, guestroom creates an intimate and cosy space with a touch of local flair, forging a sense of modern comfort. Extending the organic theme is the green garden landscape imagery set against a delightful natural backdrop background, intimately inspiring guests to enjoy a moment of indoor natural sensation.