Spring Learning Limited

Lead DesignerJoey Ho
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Spring is a learning center for children with the aim to help them achieve their development and learning potential during the crucial growth years. By bringing together the perspectives of a child and an adult and manifested in space, furniture and details, it facilitates a dialogue and interaction between children, parents and educators.

The furniture system is ergonomic and designed to create a space that can be enjoyed by both generations. For example, the reception counter is fitted with stairs to allow kids to climb up and communicate with staff directly. The tree houses and swings in cafe are inspired by kid’s playground, and a hilly relief feature creates cozy cocoons for adults to read or surf the internet while watching children to play.

Throughout the centre, a little “adult” touch is added to the facilities to bring together the perspectives of a child and an adult. The Kindyroo & activity rooms are designed as a miniature of our city, with colorful graphics mimicking the cityscape decorating all the walls and doors. Functional and inspirational at the same time, these pieces are not just furniture sitting idly around, but are toys that invite children to play, explore and interact. For example, the cooking studio is modeled after an adult’s kitchen equipped with stainless steel worktops and kitchen equipment which are reduced to child dimensions to give about an authentic cooking experience. In the multipurpose stadium, basketball court lines are engraved onto the ceiling as LED lighting which produces an interesting and illusionary effect. Likewise, the bathroom features a dual height washbasin in the form of a fountain, allowing adults and children to share the same facility and thereby forging a closer relationship. All of these "adult" contexts are re-interpreted and executed in ways that can be easily comprehended by children.