Miami Metromover, USA

ClientChris Williamson
DesignerChris Willamson
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Miami Metromover, USA Miami is one of the most glamorous and vibrant cities in the world in which Museum Park will be a major international cultural centre. Located within the new Museum Park Masterplan is the Miami Art Museum by Herzog & DeMeuron and the Science Museum by Grimshaw. The metro station is to be relocated and redesigned by Weston Williamson + Partners to accommodate the new Masterplan and will be a World Class addition to showcase Miami’s commitment to regeneration. The station is simple in layout and offers great comfort and weather protection. A transparent membrane of the innovative ETFE material ensures great views from that station and also presents a modern efficient image for the metromover and for Miami. At night, the station is lit internally and will glow and change colour as the trains arrive and depart. The power for all the lighting is provided by solar cells and a wind powered generator which will emphasise Miami’s green credentials. In addition to greater passenger comfort, the new station provides comfortable access for all users. Connections to all directions are improved, “knitting” the metromover into this new cultural quarter of the city. Connection to the North will be improved by removing the fence and creating a pedestrian priority zone across the ramp and under the highway to the Adrienne Arsht Centre. Connection to the South will be coordinated with the new masterplan entering either directly into the new museums or on to the new plaza between them. Connections to the East and West will give greater priority to pedestrians via stairs and lifts.