Lion's Bank branches

CompanyDark Chocolate
ClientIwona Bakuła
DesignerLion's Bank branches by Iwona Bakuła (Dark Chocolate)
Entry Description

Lion’s Bank is a private banking brand belonging to Idea Bank SA and offering services to the wealthiest and most respected Polish entrepreneurs. Since its inception, the bank has attached great importance to the aesthetics of its products, believing that financial success should be flawlessly designed. This year Lion’s Bank decided to redesign 10 of its local branches spread across Poland’s biggest cities. Their fresh and vivid interiors purposely contradict standards usually implemented in private banking design. We are all familiar with the way private banks like to set up their branches – in an elegant neighbourhood, preferably close to the Old Town centres, with light-filled interiors of chic dark wood and marble. These are usually dominated by antique furniture, oil paintings, etc., so to invoke the feelings of trust, safety and sheltered security. Usually it is all about keeping up with the ‘tradition’. Lion’s Bank branches, designed by Iwona Bakuła of Dark Chocolate, are nothing like this cliché. Their design invites the clients matches our constantly moving world of here and now. Futurist, energetic and dynamic, the branches reflect the bank’s leading motto: earning, not saving. Iwona Bakuła’s interiors have a sporty look, inspired by Ferrari style an design. Red, Lion’s Bank brand colour, is prevailing, reinforced by deep blacks and subtle beiges. The variety of textures (transparent glass, reflective plastic surfaces and quilted leather wall panels) provides breathtaking contrasts, further enhanced by massive asymmetrical geometric patterns on the floors and ceilings. The whole interior radiates a club-like atmosphere, emphasised by some extremely original facilities, e.g. purposefully overdone pop art throne-like chairs. The walls are all marked with Lion’s Bank’s logotypes, subtly reinforcing its brand.