Lion's Bank online banking design

Companye-point SA
ClientGrzegorz Mryczko
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Lion’s Bank is a private banking brand belonging to Idea Bank SA, offering services to the wealthiest and most respected Polish entrepreneurs. Since its inception, the bank has attached great importance to the aesthetics of its products, believing that financial success needs to be flawlessly designed. This year Lion’s Bank became the first institution in Poland and one of the very few in Europe to create a transactional platform fully RWB (Responsive Web Design) functional. The platform’s layout adapts automatically to the device it is displayed on, and looks evenly good on laptops, tablets and smartphones. It was designed by e-point’s team of Grzegorz Mryczko (graphic design), Michał Waszkiewicz and Marcin Szlassa (UX design). The bank wanted the platform to be both tremendous- looking and functional, referring expressly to its high profile market. This is why its design is so different to other Internet banking platforms. Elegant and minimalist, it is kept in a subtle color scheme – mainly black, white and light brown - these shades are universally associated with good taste and luxury. The only vibrant colour used is red, Lion’s Bank brand colour. The resulting contrast makes the platform livelier, and the design easy on the eye. The font applied is of a distinct and elegant type, suiting perfectly Lion’s Bank clientele. Moreover, the system features chic, sepia- toned photographs, which makes user experience exquisite and highly intimate. The background is composed of a pattern known from Lion’s Bank logo, subtly reinforcing the brand. All in all, the system refers to its users’ social and financial status, matches their desire for luxury and reinforces the bank’s brand – all at the same time. It goes well with other exclusively designed Lion’s Bank products and services. In order for the system to match its brand prestige, no advertising space of any kind was incorporated in the platform.