Private Residence

DesignerArthur Dyson Architect
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Private residence on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Primary rooms are suspended on concrete pods at various levels within a greenhouse structure of blue-green tinted reflective glazing. A large wing-like white roof, suggestive of the adjacent sand dunes, shield the open floor plan from excessive sun exposure while rising to unobstructed views of the oceanfront during daytime and allowing stargazing at night. Interior spaces flow freely without walls or partitions, while scale and volume are tempered through the placement of palms and other tropical flora. Level changes rhythmically establish area separations and maximize direct ocean views. The gestures of the form join harmoniously with the surrounding swell of seabirds, ocean waves, and sand dunes that embrace this exceptional building site. The wide expanses of glass place the occupants in an environment of naturally shifting variations of illumination and express openly a pleasing freedom and independence of purpose that is at the heart of the life taking place in along the Gulf.