Modular Hand Tools

DesignerDr. Hakan Gürsu, Designnobis
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Getting bored of heavy, solid traditional hand tool sets, Modular Hand Tools is an innovative set consisted of modular pieces to create tool combinations including the stand for the storage and the turn-screw accessories. The set contains a lug, 2 handles of a type, 3 body apparatuses of a same type letting both-ends to perform and 7 different head pieces which gives the user the opportunity to create 12 alternative tools such as waist, shovel, digging, bottle opener etc. in total. With the help of this lightweight solution, not only the extra tool-waste is prevented, but also the user enjoys being creative to shape the tools according to his own desire. Beside the prosperous combination alternatives, flexibility and lightweight design brings mobility as well. Handles are exemplary in terms of user-friendly products regarding to their easy-grip rubber surfaces and the legroom facility that log offers when required. In addition, the simply designed stand encourages users to keep all the elements together and supplies a better storage.

About Designer

HAKAN GURSU was born on 1959 in Istanbul. He graduated from Middle East Technical University as first rank student in 1987. He took his master’s degree from Department of Architecture in 1988. Gursu, continued his project studies at Japan in 1991 and completed his Ph.D studies in 1996. He worked as consultant on interior architecture and city planning in Moscow and Tokyo. He contributed in the design of registered product design in the context of university and industry collaboration. Still he is going on his duites as an instructor in the Department of Industrial Design in METU and Designnobis.