Tactical Tomahawk

DesignerPeter Fegan
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This products research and development is in response to the increasing needs and demands from emergency response personnel, police,fire brigade and military to provide a personal lightweight carry portable,ergonomic breaching/entry tool to be used in emergency rescue situations requiring forced entry and extraction. It is designed to be 100% unbreakable with an unconditional lifetime guarantee, as testament to its structural integrity and design and materials commitment never to fail the operator in a critical life threatening situation. It is a tool to depend on when someones life is at stake and could be the difference between survival and death in some extreme situations. It could be the tool that police officers use to pry open a car door to drag out out an injured occupant of a car accident just before the vehicle explodes, before even the fire and rescue specialists can attend. It can break padlocks, defeat brick and timber walls and doors, rip and slice open steel structures and pierce most materials with ease due to the aggressive blade edge geometry and advanced ergonomics employed in the design. The Goshawk Tactical Tomahawk is a design/manufacturing/research project prototype developed by the designer and RMJ Tactical of Chattanooga, USA; the industries undisputed leader of tomahawk and axes. It is constructed of 4140 chrome molly steel at 1/4 inch plate stock and is differentially heat treated and hardened on blade and rear spike only. It features 3 sharpened edges, blade, beard and upper spine for maximum versatility and operational efficiencies. It is finish coated in Cerakote ceramic firearms protective coating providing excellent material protection and effortless resistance to blade drag and grabbing. It features advanced ergonomics in the form of weight forward design, trussed throat to minimize vibration transfer and user friendly ergonomically responsive multiple grip and finger postural positioning up the handle.