DesignerNur Yıldırım
Prize1st Place in Transportation / Nautical/Boats
Entry Description

With simple lines that are shaped for speed, Sapphire motor yacht aims to step forward among its equals with its elegant style. Aerodynamic design refers to the classic line with its wood based hull, which is long lasting and therefore ecologically sound. The boat combines contemporary design with high quality materials through a design that has both modern and traditional elements. Sapphire has a comfortable and efficient space arrangement which offers open and closed areas for users to socialize such as water stairs and sunbathing decks. Upper deck contains the control room and lower deck reached through stairs. The motor yacht can take up to 5-6 persons easily. Selected materials include mainly wood and composites and supported by metal and glass use. Wooden parts are aimed to be made out of mahogany or cedar that has a longer lifespan. In order to increase endurance, hull is planned to be made of laminated layers of wood and composites. Body roof will be made of fiberglass, whereas main hull could be produced using traditional yacht manufacturing techniques. The use of wood as a main material is a strategic design decision that intends to reduce the chemical reactions caused by the exposure of plastic based materials under sunlight. Plus, the design does not include any pollutant adhesives. Thus, Sapphire motor yacht aims for a more sustainable way of cruising. Technical specifications of the boat are as follows: 24 meters LoA, 6,5 beam and 1,7 draught, 2 x 810 kW (1100 hp) motors that use diesel fuel with a speed of 32 knots. Interior plan includes one main bedroom with double bed, two guest rooms and a small room, lounge and a kitchen. Stern can house a jet ski or a raft.