Private Residence Emirates Hills

Lead DesignerEllen Bishop
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

This Award Winning Project located in the most exclusive neighbourhood in Dubai ‘Emirates Hills’ with a total built up area of 1391 m2 was designed and executed in under 2 months (!). The budget was set to $ 1’000’000.

The Villa was designed to accommodate a large party celebrating the Clients 40th birthday. Mainly the time line was a major constraint and the budget made us worried (especially considering covering almost 1400 m2).

The features that we would like to draw attention to in our design can be described by five words; Glamourous, Luxurious, Royal, Thrilling and Quirky.

Specific features would be items such as Moooi’s Raimond Lights hanging from the ceiling with hundreds of LED light bulbs illuminating the entire Living Area representing Glamorous, metal bead curtains function as room dividers throughout as well as a bevelled mirror panel with an automatic burner in the Dining Area to represent Luxurious, two Cavalli high back velvet throne chairs in the Entrance Area as well as golden side tables in the Living Area representing Royal. A raised bar featuring elevating steps in high gloss black lacquer to represent Thrilling and a wallpaper with velvet embroidered patterns onto a shimmered textured surface with women’s faces surrounded by dollar signs, oil rigs and butterflies to represent Quirky - found in the Bar Area.

General elements throughout include dramatic oversized lighting, bespoke, custom and ready-made furniture solutions, practical yet stunning cladding elements around columns and architraves, contrasts and general styling of all walls completes the overall features.

Words to describe this project in general would be; Avant Garde Interior, Grand Design, Practical Solutions, Clever Space Planning, Timeless Elegance, Luxurious & Sophisticated and Comfortable Spaces.


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