Cle Dubai Restaurant & Lounge

Lead DesignerPaul Bishop
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Clè Dubai, as a new concept, was created to facilitate a restaurant offering a contemporary, modern twist on traditional Arabic cuisine under Michelin-star chef Greg Malouf. The venue was to be a high end stylish and elegant, yet fun Restaurant & Performance Lounge destination where the intent was not to reflect an Arabesque design direction in any way.

With a budget of $4.9 million, the 1500m2 space was to be flexible enough to accommodate a combination of dining lounge and performance areas. This required the layout to be extremely adaptable allowing for the different spaces within the venue to function independently.

The concept that emerged was to be dynamic and exciting, monochromatic with splashes of purple and metallics with high end designer furniture & accessories. Incorporating various lighting fixtures to further illuminate the intriguing play upon the surfaces emphasize the main features of Clè Dubai.

The design intention is achieved through the exquisitely detailed and stunningly upholstered leather paneling, bespoke carbonized wood and distressed leather wall features. The intricately crafted floors and ceilings that incorporate an array of differing materials and surface applications such as leather, lava stone, smoked wooden timber and porcelain tiles of various forms also added to the design. The customized bar capitals and fascias cast in crackle glazed lava stone were selected with a striking combination of diversifying fabrics and textures, imaginative decorative and technical light solutions that adorn a variety of surfaces. The specifically selected loose and innovative bespoke external fixed furniture suitably define the venues inherent character, attention to detail, charm and visual identity.
The imaginative use of thoughtfully selected and original material finishes with playful lighting embellishments makes the entire experience unique where the design culminates to a visually exciting and diversifying voyeuristic environment to be enjoyed and appreciated by all.


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