Ganna Design Studio

DesignerTing-Liang, Chen
Entry Description

Ganna Studio is a place that S.J.Lin and T.L.Chen try to maintain the old pattern and structure of Taipei 40 years ago. The house has only 53 square meters, however, as both a residence and office space, Ganna Studio needed to be modified according to actual needs and be satisfied by exclusively private and public zones. Office space includes storage, cabinet,reception and conference room. Private zones include living space, kitchen, and bedroom and bathroom. Each space seems to be connected by a centrifugal force, and visually fixed to the central point. In the daytime, the place is for office use, at night it turns into a place for living. There are several characteristics of Ganna Studio: 1. Meeting space and dining space are visually connected to a small garden. 2. Transparence and necessary shields for privacy control. 3. Revolving panel serves as a separation of two areas. 4. Marble sofa instead of traditional sofa allows the space to be used easily to be a living room or a guest room. 5. Designers’ collection of furniture are objects fused into the space but ornament the tone in the same time. 6. The unique feature of the office/living space is seen from the exterior façade. Flexible layout gives the space an easy way to be used according to needs. Besides, the two designers had to save this old house from a narrow front scale and poor ventilation. Ganna Studio has no specific style but mixed with various fashions from British, French classicism and contemporary modernism, showing a work beyond regulation and imagination. Behind the main gate, painted in red color, there is a journey that proclaims a chapter of new story, which is about to be told by Lin and Chen.

About Designer

Founded in 2010, Ganna Studio leads the house to a new stage, like a milestone which is going to make a difference. In Chinese, Gan-甘means sweety or pleasant. Na- “納” means an humble attitude toward accommodation. Combine these two words, Ganna tries to make a balance between space and people, and create a comfortable place merged with aesthetic and practical function. Centered on “Life”,Ganna chiefly concerns about the traffic line and the practical function of the space. In addition, materials, colors, furniture are able to be merged into the design, but jump up from the simple lines of the structure simultaneously. Without constraint of any specific style, Ganna tries to create a unique design for every house.