Fleet of Time Memorabilia

Lead DesignerRonn Lee
ClientRonn Lee
Prize(s)3rd Place in Print / Calendars
Entry Description

BEAMY was commissioned to design the memorabilia for
film “Fleet of Time” – one of the top-grossing films in
China for 2014, based on the Chinese best-selling
novel by Jiu Ye Hui. Directed by Zhang Yi Bai, the story is
set in the 1990s/2000s Beijing, a coming-of-age tale of
five friends who grow apart as they experience high
school, college and eventually adulthood. Paying homage
to the original novel and the story backdrop, BEAMY
created a box set of four nostalgic ‘books’. Colors
distinguish the different ‘life phases’ of the film. The
outer ‘book’ cover is designed in black with spotuv and
gold / silver hotstamp, depicting the grown-up period.
Pastel colors are used to represent ‘school days’ and the
five main characters. The ‘books’ hold a poster/wrapping
paper, bookmarks, stickers, sticky notes, postcards,
notebook and 2015 calendar. This idea referenced back
to the film setting where stationeries are part of school
days. The usage of the script is interestingly and subtly
embodied into the stationery set along with the film’s
still photos. The 2015 calendar includes the director’s
note looking back at key milestones of the film
production during 2014. Using various design elements
and integration of film materials, BEAMY translated the
gist of the film and essence of the nostalgia concept into
tangible useful items. This memorabilia is of limited
edition with 2014 serialized copies.


Ronn has more than 17 years of knowledge and expertise in leading branding programmes across Food and Beverage, Arts and Culture, Real Estate and Hospitality sectors. Ronn has won both Chinese and International design awards including the coveted Most Successful Design Awards – China and International Red Dot Design. An avid book lover, Ronn has published books and her works have been featured in design publications and exhibitions throughout the world.