Corora collection

DesignerYuyan He
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Entry Description

This resort collection emphasizes the combination of the modernist art and fashion. The inspiration comes from paintings by Russian-American painter Mark Rothko, born Marcus Yakovlevich Rothkowitz (September 25, 1903 – February 25, 1970. He is classified as an abstract expressionist. The artist used large areas of with different colors to extend horizontally and overlap. The vibrant characteristic of Mark Rothko’s painting are transposed into the silhouette of garments by the use of strong color blocks on the sleeves or on the hems to enhance of the shape. Combined computer-aided design and hand drawing, I illustrated this resort collection with vibrant colors and different drawing/illustrating technique. Such as ink brush, oil painting, micro pen outling.etc.

About Designer

Yuyan He begins her career as a fashion deigner and illustrator for various clients from NYC, Dallas and Atlanta since 2011. Yuyan He’s signature style lies in the her keen ability to capture and find inspiration in a great variety of artistic disciplines(architecture,painting,cinema,music,design ) and to creatively translate them into a modern.dynamic, and yet timeless fashion that exudes effortless elegance.