Companyfuseproject/ Landscape Forms
Lead DesignerKirt Martin
ClientYves Béhar
Prize(s)3rd Place in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Patio/Garden Furniture and Accessories
Entry Description

MultipliCITY is an international collection of outdoor public
furniture elements that gives new meaning to the term
“global design.” Created and developed in partnership with
celebrated design innovators Yves Behar and fuseproject,
MultipliCITY pioneers the integration of mass production
and custom materials and configurations for a global
market. The flexible, dynamic system addresses multiple
scales, applications and creative expressions and includes
six elements: a backed and backless bench, table, bike
rack, LED pathlight and litter. Structural parts are
manufactured by Landscape Forms, seating and table
surfaces are produced from locally sourced hardwoods in
markets outside North America, and flat shipping and local
assembly to international locations supports carbon-
reducing sustainability. MultipliCITY is a citizen of the
world, equally at home in Buenos Aires, Barcelona and

The MultipliCITY bench with back is a central element of
the international site furniture collection that gives new
meaning to the term “global design.” The backed bench is
part of a dynamic and flexible system distinguished by
sculptural forms and subtle intricacy in the connections
between parts. The cast aluminum bench with wood seat is
substantial in scale, solid and grounded, imparting a sense
of ease and stability. Straight and mitered benches allow
countless configurations, including complex geometries.
Benches with left and right seat and back offsets are
offered as standard for added visual and functional appeal.
Crisp flat arms and a tablet for holding a laptop or lunch
are optional. The backless bench is wider than the backed
version, allowing people to sit back-to-back as well as
forward to increase social activity in a space. The backless
bench is a perfect companion to the MultipliCITY table
under which it efficiently slides.


A Sense of Place...You know it when you feel it. For more than 40 years Landscape Forms has been producing site furniture and accessories that help designers and other clients create a sense of place in outdoor environments. We do it through integrated product collections, leading edge technology and great design. We partner with international designers to create exceptional products, we nurture our own people to high achievement, and we operate our business at a standard that has earned customer loyalty and leadership in our industry.

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