Productive Versatility

Lead Designer
Prize(s)2nd Place in Interior Design / Commercial
Entry Description

Creativity is limitless. It is the ability to think outside the box and imagine the unimaginable. Design is a product of creativity. A design is formed to suit a particular purpose, whether it be for practical use, personal training and development, marketing, research, product design, engineering or education.
The need for both a creative and productive space is detrimental to any company at the forefront of their industry for collaboration and versatility to stay ahead of the competition. For this reason the space has been split into two areas - creative and productive - although open planning of the overall space means that no single area will be segregated from another for free flowing of ideas and collaboration for both solo and group work.
The creative end consists of a casual seating area, semi-private meeting room and two private executive offices, while the productive end also houses a semi-private meeting room, as well as two conference rooms that can be opened for casual meetings and events and closed for private use.
The semi-private meeting rooms seat at least five people at a time and can be used for private work or group work with removable dividers and power connections for laptops, while the outer perimeter contains other flexible work stations and shelving for books, magazines and product information for clients. These semi-private areas also work as a natural light source, having broken through the ceiling to create skylights that fracture light throughout the office space, which both reduces energy costs and energizes staff to work in a more productive environment.


Elise Convery is an up-and-coming innovative designer. She completed a Bachelor's degree in Set Design before discovering her love for Interior and furniture design. She then continued to pursue these studies and completed a second Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design.
Having grown up in country New South Wales, Australia, Elise is drawn to natural, sustainable materials and innovative design solutions that enhance an individuals quality of life. She loves finding the quirky characteristics of recycled products and combines these elements with a more contemporary feel. A great deal of Elise's inspiration comes from geometric forms such as origami and combines this with natural materials to create inviting, yet minimal environments.