David Yurman x Patron Limited Edition Holiday Pack

CompanyMode Design Group
Lead DesignerDavid Moritz
ClientGabrielle Rein
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Mode Design Group’s mission was to develop a limited
edition gift pack for the 2013 Holiday season that would
increase awareness and drive sales for Patrón Añejo while
communicating Patrón’s core values of craft and quality. For
its commitment to understated luxury, meticulous
craftsmanship and masculine elegance, David Yurman was
identified as the ideal brand partner. The resulting design is
a two-toned sword handle bottle stopper featuring
elaborate metal carvings, die cast in solid metal and
electroplated in 24kt gold and gunmetal. Packaged in a box
with foil-stamped printing, a full-color, gloss photo backing
and soft-touch paper, along with a grosgrain pull loop and
hidden magnetic closure.