Superiorland Magazine

DesignerSelena Hautamaki
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Entry Description

The Superiorland Magazine is printed annually by The Mining Journal newspaper in Marquette, Michigan. This year's theme was "The Great Outdoors" featuring articles from the Upper Peninsula. The cover theme was produced using several photos used inside of the magazine and wildlife elements from the "Superiorland" area. Elements inside also illustrate an "outdoor" theme.

About Designer

I have always had a fascination with art and design. When I was a young child, I remember school assignments which called for a report accompanied by an illustration. I would spend about twenty minutes on the written portion and four hours drawing the picture to go along with it. Even at that early age, something about the power and importance of visual communication spoke to me. Thirty years later, my passion for design has only grown. I constantly strive to expand my creative horizons, with inspirations ranging from colorful Swiss Style to Art Deco. I try to keep up with current trends, as well as studying past artistic movements, in order to maintain a creative toolbox that keeps me prepared for any project. Incorporating various artistic elements, such as hand-drawn and digital illustration and painting allows me to push the boundaries of typical design and let my vision shine through. The challenge of finding exactly the right approach to bring each unique project to life is what drives me as an artist. Be it a newspaper article, an ad in a magazine, or even a photograph in a gallery, my goal is to create work that will resonate with people. I want my designs to have a lasting impact. I want them to be timeless.