Office Building Stuttgart

Lead Designer
ClientDieter Blocher
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

As the setting for their jewel, the architects used the rather
heterogeneous urban backdrop of Herdweg: Simple, but
striking. An eye-catcher that bedazzles all who walk or drive
past. The rustic charm of exposed concrete – a double-
layered concrete façade with cavity insulation – plays off
against the ethereal transparency of broad windows.
Elements of Sipo mahogany, strategically placed, give the
façade depth; and the clean lines add a sense of order and
dynamics. The percentage of glass reflects the
specifications set by the DNGB for the gold certification,
while the wooden cubes minimize the appearance of the
building’s shell and absorb sound. These cubes also allow
for manual control of ventilation, in addition to the
automatically controlled blinds that block sunlight.
The office building consists of three full floors, a garden, a
roof and cellar. The simplicity of the interior design, with its
sandblasted and exposed concrete surfaces as well as its
cement screed flooring, works in harmony with the outer
appearance. Open floors, which nevertheless have clearly
defined spaces, make the boundaries between working
areas disappear.
A furnished patio adjoins the generous cafeteria on the
garden level, flanked on one side by the single-story wing of
the building, which houses the communications agency
Blocher Blocher View. The other side opens out onto a two-
story atrium, separated from the cafeteria only by a sliding
glass wall. From the ground floor, the atrium opens into an
impressive open space graced by a light-installation inspired
by the “jackstraws” or “pick-up-sticks” game. There are also
manifold visual perspectives to be enjoyed from the open-
designed steel staircase, which leads from the garden level
to the uppermost floor.
Certified with Gold by the DGNB (German Sustainable
Building Council), the building incorporates a broad range of
sustainability measures.