DesignerJoaquim Edgar Martins Correia
Prize2nd Place in Avant-garde / Women_AG
Entry Description

EPIDEMIC The collection named “Epidemic” has the concept of contagion of the effects caused by the time on the raw materials. During the process of handling, the gross raw material acquires his organic form. The stoning brings as a result the fining and the flow of the raw material. Through the oxidation it was possible to obtain the decomposition of the silhouette. Molds are designed in iron and plaster, projected in negatives, from which pieces are created resulting in a right / three-dimensional / wide silhouette. Pigments are acquired through natural elements, resulting in metallic, brown and beije shades. In materials there are silk organza, tulle, silk, fur, lace, latex, peach wood, metal sequins and metal plate.