Garden Tower 2

CompanyGarden Tower Project, LLC
Lead Designers
ClientColin Cudmore
Prize(s)Bronze in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Residential Sustainable Design
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Entry Description

The Garden Tower is a revolutionary 50-plant vertical container garden that transforms
your kitchen scraps directly into organic fertilizer. The result is considerably faster,
more abundant veggie, flower, and herb growth than conventional gardening or any other
container garden can offer. It is the perfect solution for anyone who; lacks resources,
desires the ability to grow their own food, or simply wants an easier way, to a low-cost,
abundant harvest.

The Garden Tower Project, LLC is a new, socially-responsible business concept, based in
Bloomington, Indiana. Focusing on the accessibility gap for wholesome food, the Garden
Tower Project strives to create easy availability of fresh, organic food to individuals
who lack either the access, or the ability to grow their own food. Our primary goal is to
make this happen innovatively, collaboratively, and affordably.

Our Mission is to provide a superior portable, Non-GMO & heirloom supporting, gardening
ecosystem. ”The Garden Tower is a revolutionary self-contained garden/composting system
with the potential to transform home gardening, urban gardening, and world hunger
programs. At the Garden Tower Project, we are passionate about healthy food for everyone.
We believe in doing everything we can as a sustainable and responsible business to help
those most in need. We are working towards a more resilient and sustainable economic
future for individuals and communities. We believe that the Garden Tower can play a major
role in this effort”.

The Garden Tower is a uniquely viable solution for gardeners of all sorts, especially the
millions who lack access to land to start a garden, those with physical restrictions, and
beginning gardeners. Anyone who is ready for a faster, easier way to grow food will love
it. Absolutely no gardening experience is necessary. The design is elegant in its
simplicity, setup and maintenance are straightforward and easy.