Data.Wave V2

PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

I attempt to propose a romantic method of viewing information flow. Impromptu and randomly scheduled field samples of the dataflow in the internal and external wireless base stations at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMOFA) are collected. The numerical data is then transformed by information visualization software, and a composite of sound and image is produced. I attempt to take the network data flow from its invisible state and produce a certain romantic form. After the initial work of coding the program and creating the image of ocean waves, I too become a “bystander viewer.” For me, the internet is not merely a format to facilitate easier communication from person to person (point to point). Social networking using Line or Facebook, does make it easier and simpler to maintain contact with others. We could even play games on line. But ultimately we still think of this side of the network and the other side as the end points of that connection. However, we are oblivious to the vast combinations of “0” and “1,” and do not see the speed of communication between two computers, or how the computer transmits signals through an internet protocol… Let’s call the endless transfer of shapeless data invisible to the eye “information stream” for now. Since it is an “information stream”, then let’s use a visual imagery of flowing “water” and “liquid” as a portrayal. I obtained the network traffic data stream from the NTMOFA, and attempted to convert this data stream into observable content. Ultimately the imagery of an ocean appeared in my mind, and the currents and rise and fall of the waves in this ocean are influenced and produced according to an exchange of information between people. An ocean that results from the collected “information stream” became the final visual imagery.

About Designer

Chang,Po-Chih was graduated from the Graduate School of Arts & Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts. He used to be one of the original members of the art creation team「朗機工/ LOGICO-」, and now actives in various fields of art as new media art worker, website designer, image designer for theater, and the director of music videos. He used to be supported by the Techno Art Creation Project of National Culture and Arts Foundation, also nominated by AMP Awards (Best Music Video). He took part in sound and image design of Issey Miyake spring/summer 2009 and image design of Chen Chien-chi’s “Love Scenes of Flowers and Farewell,” “Turn Left, Turn Right” (musical, 2010), The sound of live of sound, Tender Black Mail; Image design of Taipei Dad, New York Mom; Jimmy's Subway: a musical--2012 Revisit. …etc. He is currently a lecturer of The Commatrix in the department of industrial and commercial design of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, also dedicated to developing Sound-Visual project and electric instrument creations.