SayNo2War Typography Campaign

DesignerDeby Joevita
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

SayNo2War Typography Campaign is designed to raise social awareness and prompt social change to make world a better place. Content includes the ongoing issues of war, including racism, poverty, prejudice, homelessness, sickness, refuges, and many others, are all expressed through the complexity and uniqueness in every letter as a typeface, which in typography can be seen as a powerful tool to convey message. Typeface design is based on the experimental concept; it is separated but related and combined in the unique and creative details of typography. Using vector elements to show pain and anger of the people that is being left or treated unfairly, the result can be viewed in a constant flow, which shows effects from the war that happened around their country. The campaign gives a clear message on people’s opinion against the war from all around the world.