StopPorn Campaign

DesignerDeby Joevita
Prize2nd Place in Print / Logos, Trademarks and Symbols
Entry Description

StopPorn is a nonprofit organization that aims to help teenager stop pornography. StopPorn first goal is to create awareness on porn addiction for teenagers. We as individuals have a daily social interactions, and we are not alone. Therefore, we must recognize the fact that we have the opportunity to choose our actions in daily life. We have a choice between following the same habits, customs, and the path that we did in the past or change it. The idea for stop porn concept is to make teenagers get as many information as possible about the habits of porn addiction and the effect that can be caused from it. We need to create a new ideas, new design that can reach teenager’s heart, not in strict and boring way, but in encouraging and fun approach. It was using woman silhouette in sexual form to attract teenagers to come closer and think that it is another porn stuff, however when they come closer, they will read all the bad things that caused by porn in different languages (that can be changed depends on the country), and make them realize bad things that can be caused by porn addiction.