Paventy & Brown Ortho Brand Idenity

Lead DesignerSuzy Simmons
Project LinkView
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Two Oregon-based orthodontics had combined their practices and wanted a new brand that would be warm and friendly without coming across as too infantile or baby-ish for their 8-17 year-old market. The brand experience was structured around an adventurer/wilderness feel to refocus a patient's fear of getting braces to "surviving braces" like you would survive a wilderness adventure. The outdoor theme also pays homage to the many outdoor activities Oregon has to offer. For the logo, the bear looks like it was plucked off the top of a totem pole and is the "pillar" for the brand. The colors choices were picked to invoke a warm and cuddly (yet masculine) feel. Playful copy was incorporated throughout the printed and promo materials. In production now is their patient take-home pack titled "How to Survive Braces".