CompanySpringetts Brand Design Consultants
ClientSophie Burt
DesignerDan Beaumont
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Challenge: To make the Accurist brand more than a timepiece, to make it ‘Essential Wrist Attire’. Three words that became the creative platform for all brand touchpoints including the watches themselves. The next challenge was how those three words could be visually brought to life. Solution: The brandmark was created to reflect the new positioning. The monogram was created to be the simplest visual form of a watchface, depicting the face and hands. It also became a unique and ownable visual property for the brand that could be used from advertising communication to detailing on the watch crown itself. We then worked with a hand-type lettering artist who reflected the craftsmanship and work that goes into the watches. The addition of the ‘London’ added a dual purpose given the brand heritage and fashion credentials. The monogram used as a ‘light tattoo’ and the subtle use of the new brand colour palette (aubergine and cream) work to bring style and confident branding to the imagery. Results: First results from the buyers within the industry have been very positive. They all now relate and agree with the role the brand has to play in the market and that it gives the brand a real presence and position for consumers. The visual property is used in advertising, point of sale, embossed into the jewellery boxes and used right down to the crown on the watch itself. The communication works on a visual level with the inclusion of the monogram in the ‘light tattoo’ and reinforces the brand values through discovery. It is stylish, distinctive and importantly creates a story around our simple brand essence of... ‘Essential Wrist Attire.’