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Lead DesignersMike Pelland
Prize(s)Bronze in Media And Home Electronics / TV, Video and Audio Equipment
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If the best musical instruments are constructed completely from tone woods, why aren’t speakers and headphones? The answer is pretty simple. It all boils down to cost and with the proliferation of new distribution technologies driving products like these, audio products have become disposable.

For quite some time music lovers have seen speakers and headphones as long-term investments. Serving their owners for decades. Often passing from generation to generation. Wireless technologies have changed that. Wireless distribution technologies are used to send signals to speakers and headphones, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and these types of technologies… constantly change. The benefits of the advances are real. But the result of the advances is that speakers and headphones have become disposable items. Because our view of these products is, something to be cherished, we ask why not? Why not make the part that goes obsolete something that can be easily replaced so the parts with lasting value don’t go to the landfill? Our patent pending interface module provides for easy upgrades of our products when meaningful changes happen in technology.

Digital speakers represent an important accessory that enables consumers to extend their smartphone or tablet from a personal to a shared experience. This class of speakers, with its smaller size and high quality sound, has enabled the change from electronics as the center of a room to electronics which complement modern design.

Our brand name comes from the community that we call home, Princeton Wisconsin. We embrace the small town values of it. They define us, and complement our aspiration to differentiate ourselves and our products from the mass-produced “digital widgets” so common today. Pride in our community and our commitment to craftsmanship informs everything we do.

Lasting beauty, outstanding sound and readily upgradeable technology. That’s the Princeton Audio difference.