life shelter design - *reborn*

Lead DesignerShin,Ng Hiu Fung
Prize(s)1st Place in Interior Design / Conceptual
Entry Description

This project - *life shelter* intends to provide movable and modular personal space for street sleep and homeless ,enabling them to form their own small community.

the definition of homelessness simply mean not having a home - but it doesn't necessarily mean living on the streets.Even if you have roof over your head,you can still be homeless in the sense that the home is unsuitable for you font have any right to stay there.

based on this point,a center would be created to enable people in these circumstances to be 'reborn'.Access to technology and knowledge sharing would also make a big difference to the homeless,helping them regain a sense of confidence and security.


design can be change the worlds.

my design workshop "zinc studio"is focus on the user need and visitor experience in our design.finally each project has their own story.

Our vision is "Zinc is a mineral that is essential to vision and taste."

interior design is not only how to decorate and drawing.