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ANNEX TABLES By Joe Doucet Annex is a signed and numbered edition commissioned by the Shop at Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Made completely of hand-honed marble, the tables use only gravity to securely join them together. ANNEX LOW 26" square x 13" tall. ANNEX HIGH 16" square x 24" tall.

About Designer

Joe Doucet’s ability to fluidly cross the different disciplines of design has made him one of the most sought after creative talents working in America. After graduating from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in 1999 with a degree in Communication Design, Doucet quickly began exporting his vision beyond graphic design into product, furniture, environment, packaging, technology and any other problems that clients can throw at him over the years, culminating in the launch of Joe Doucet Studio, which incorporates his mantra, "Everything Communicates" across the broad spectrum of projects he delivers. As a designer, inventor, artist and auteur, his work deftly hybridizes function and visual appeal while conveying layers of meaning and message. Doucet believes that design and, more importantly, a designer’s thought process can play a larger role in innovation and problem solving, as well as aesthetics, for brands and their product portfolios. His portfolio therefore encompasses consumer electronics, corporate identity, brand identity and packaging, jewelry, technology, mobile game design, furniture, environments and architecture, delivering innovation across a variety of industries. The studio's client list includes Swarovski, Moet & Chandon, Bernhardt, BMW, Braun, LVMH, Hugo Boss, YSL, Lexon, Bacardi, Labelux, Calvin Klein Fragrances, Artistry Cosmetics, Anheuser-Busch and Target.