Kingbright Office

Lead DesignerPhilip Tang, Brian Ip
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

This 4800 sq2 office is located in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. The brief request the design include reception, waiting lounge, working area, conference room, discussion area, a pantry and cooking are, and two manger rooms. The company is doing LED components business, which is their working experience is a typical ordinary industry same as other company located in Kwun Tong. We are appointed to design a different office. The environment in Kwun Tong can be presented like grey, cold, industrial, and ordinary. The working experience may affecting the output of the staff, a better office design could help.
Designer is continually pondering the relationship between the design and its company’s philosophy in mind. The LED components business is given to Designer an new idea of design for the staffs and the owner. As a typical working environment in Hong Kong, office design is used to consider the business itself. To enhance the users’ experience in the office, Designer creates a gathering space for them, which is enlarging the scale of Idea Exchange Area. It is different with the most ordinary offices’ setting.
The Oriental element in the glass wall is slightly touched with the environment by the abstract graphic, at the mean time; it is given an imagination to the work. Moreover, the system furniture is a pitch of rhythm of the space. For Example, the long conference table is creating an illusion which strongly pulling you into the space. It provides an interesting experience of Dynamic, Energetic, and Color Experience. The color is a refreshing moment for users which is not only fulfilling the purpose of work space but also fulfilling the human needs. The setting of space is vertical layering, from the conference room to