Taipo 188 Apartment

DesignerPhilip Tang, Brian Ip
Entry Description

This 1250 sq2 apratment is located in Taipo, Hong Kong. The brief request the design include reception, waiting lounge, working area, conference room, discussion area, a pantry and cooking are, and two manger rooms. The design concept is a dialog and re-think of a traditional Chinese Philosophy - Five Elements of Chinese Philosophy - Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. In most of the Chinese traditional philosophies, the Five Elements is mainly used in most of the environmental arrangement, and also widely used in Chinese Medical Science, Geomancy, Numerology and Physiognomy. In this project, as the location is facing the sea and based on the mountain, which is a best location for living in Chinese culture. Designers were taken Water and Metal as two main elements as a design language. Water and Metal are two elements closly connected, water born from metal. The philosophy is saying when the metal getting cold, the water will be “congregated” on the metal’s surface, it is also meaning that everything in the world are influencing each others. The concept of apartment design is mainly using metal like traim, furniture, lighting, and even color. The other part is using blue, like cushion, water flow paint, sofa, feature glass and panel etc. It shows that the two elements can be harmoniously integrated. All the five elements are aimed to stated that human and everything in the world should be respecting each others.